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There are numerous examples of success in the world, and even more examples of the opposite.

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Nobody is taught or educated on how to be successful. It is not a class in school, and you can’t take an exam or get any grades in it.

And yet, it happens from time to time, that someone achieves success even though it didn’t seem to be in the cards. That family, friends and acquaintances give a small nod of acknowledgement, probably thinking “well, I didn’t see that coming”.

One of the few preconditions for success is stubbornness. A stubbornness, that always makes the fallen rise up again. Only by being stubborn can we move forward.

In this book you will meet stubbornness. You will sense that small splinter of resistance, which makes it possible to view a situation from different angles. You will be lead into a world, otherwise closed to most people, where stubbornness is a way of survival.

You will meet the person, who could build his own success with the bricks that were thrown at him.

You will meet Carsten Augustenborg.

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